Serving as the only professional dance company in Frederick, Equinox Dance Company strives to promote dance as an expressive art form, as well as a physical activity, throughout the community through classes, workshops, and performances. Equinox is a highly diverse company, fusing jazz, tap, and ballet with its contemporary modern-based background. The company hosts weekly technique classes in a variety of styles taught by company members, as well as monthly master classes with local guest artists. These classes are open to anyone 18 years or older.

Equinox has partnered with Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership of Frederick County and Frederick County Parks & Recreation to bring the benefits of dance to youth of the community, and hosts yearly outreach workshops for children and adults to enable participants to not only learn dance, but also perform.

Equinox presents an Annual Children’s Show at Delaplaine Visual Arts Center. Join us at this year’s show, Building Blocks, a fun look at using teamwork and each other’s strengths to build something bigger and better and featuring new work by company members, on March 3! The company also presents an annual full-length performance each April, which includes new works by company members. Truth or Dare will take place on April 12 and 13 at the Jack B Kussmal Theatre.

Equinox’s recent repertoire consists of work by artistic director Bria Comper and company members Callison Breslin, Amanda Comi, Grace Gonzalez, Christine Evans, Amy Milligan, Tessa Roberson, as well as guest artists including Morgan Anderson, Cyra Duncan, Franki Graham, Taverlee Laskauskas, and Jeanna Riscigno.


Equinox Dance Company is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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