Equinox Dance Company, an adult modern dance group, has been fusing modern dance with jazz and tap since 2003. Located in Frederick, Maryland, members of the company are interested in continuing to dance for life. EDC fosters creativity by creating community to deepen and expand modern dance as an art form. Company members also serve as choreographers who challenge each other to find new ways to define and diversify modern dance. They spread their artistic vision though development and performance of original works. EDC also educates the community, as the only modern dance company in the area, with free classes and shows for children and adults.

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  • EDC Dance Challenge
    We are working on our best dance moves for our spring show, Full Circle, and we’d love to see yours too! If you...
  • Dance with us!
    Equinox Dance Company invites community members to rehearse and dance with us at our annual spring concert, Full Circle. Equinox is thrilled to...
Equinox Dance Company is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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